Why Wait. Yes really why WAIT.

What is stopping you from giving your event the image it deserves? Consider being a guest at your own event. What are the two most important parts, most say being heard and visible. Maryland Video Wall Rentals is what will take your event to the next level. (WE GUARANTEE IT). We can supply your guests with elegant HD content, to offering IMAG for the largest of concerts. It really comes down to deciding when you are ready for the next leap. We have the latest LED video wall systems from 2015. Not something that has been toured with year after year or abused and neglected.

We care about your image, as we care about ours. We look to always have the most professional services and quality products available to you. This is something we hold to day after day and what allows us to grow as our clients book year after year with us.

We have several video wall options that are based on, you guessed it.. YOU. We won’t sell you on a product that doesn’t belong at your event. We offer you the best options and allow you to decide based on our seasoned staff.

Lets get technical.

From 3.9mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm we have a video wall that will work perfectly for you.